New Angle Beveling

Questions? Call toll - free: 1 - 800 - 227 - 4597
1509 Washington Ave. Hyde, PA 16843

To make the ordering process as accurate as possible, we ask that you request a quote through phone, email, traditional mail or fax. Once the quote request is received, we will analyze your description and generate a formal quote that includes all requested specifications.

Once the formal quote is generated, it will be either faxed or emailed back to you for verification of the specifications provided. If you are satisified with the design, we accept Puchase Orders (verification required), Visa/MasterCard, Checks, Money Orders, and cash to process your order and begin the manufacturing process.

All orders must be submitted either through email or fax, no phone orders will be taken.


Please download our order form by clicking HERE.


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New Angle Beveling


1509 Washington Avenue

Hyde, PA  16843

Our services

  • Glass Beveling
  • Glass Tempering
  • Showerguards
  • Insulated Glass Units

Commercial Inquiries only.

We ship to Northeast US.

We manufacture and distribute glass products for commercial installations across the Northeast, including:

Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio