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At New Angle we treat each piece of glass as if we were installing it at our own homes and facilities.  We understand the tight time-frames many of our customers have when requesting quotations and placing orders and would like to offer the following tips and guidelines in making measurements, submitting documentation, and understanding a little more about the products and customizations that we can provide.


Thermopane Glass:


Submitted drawings should be made viewing the exterior of the building.

Thermopane glass is a type of glass that consists of two separate pieces of glass that are bonded together enclosing an air space in between them.  This air space is filled with an inert gas that increases the insulating quality of the window.

Thermopane glass is described as having 4 layers.As the image shows, layer 1 is the exterior and layer 4 is the inner-most layer.

Shower Panels:


Submitted drawings should be made viewing the exterior of the shower enclosure (outside looking in).

Due to the nature of coated glass, only one side is coated; therefore it is imperative that the glass is cut to your specifications having the coating on the inside

Rectangular cutouts

altRectangular cutouts in fabricated glass will always have a minimum radius in the corners.The size of the radius is dependent upon the tools required to perform the work. *Minimum radius 3/8 inch for satin edge on inside of cutouts; 2 inch radius for FPE on shapes edgework to allow for tool size.

Low E and Tinted Glass


Glass types such as these are tinted on the exterior surface to allow for the highest level of energy reflection.  Please observe a bi-sectional view of a tinted window below for further information.



It is common practice in fabrication industries that dimension be given in the format of “width x height”.


End Product Quality

The quality of the finished fabricated glass is directly linked to the quality of the pattern provided and the amount of information submitted with the specifications.


Directional Pattern Glass

If you are ordering a pattern glass that has a directional pattern, such as Master Ray or English Reeded, please note the orientation of the pattern with your order, request, or quote.

Horizontal Orientation Vertical Orientation




Special Considerations for Patterned Glass


Patterned glass is ordered, viewed, and measured on the "pattern" side.

When ordering multiple pieces, there is no "pattern match" option available

Some patterened glass, such as Seedy, have unique characteristics in the randomness of the effects.  These random characteristics have pattern variations within sheets.  Please be aware that these pattern variations do not disqualify their use in multiple piece orders.

The image below shows a full sheet of seedy glass.  As you can see from the grids, each piece that is cut is unique and will not necessarily follow a pattern for multiple parts.



Quotes vs. Orders

Please ensure that documentation whether physical, facsimile, or email are designated with the appropriate label so that they will be routed correctly.


Special Considerations for Tempered Glass

When specifying tempered glass products, please be aware that there are certain limitations:

Holes must be 1.5 times the thickness of the glass from the edge of the glass to the edge of the hole and 6.5 times the thickness of the glass from the tip

of the corner to the edge of the hole measured on a diagonal

Our max size for tempering is: 86" x 144"


Shower Doors

When ordering shower doors, please include hinge templates for each hinge and slot-notch that is utilized.


Tempered Glass

When ordering tempered glass products, please be sure to note "Logo" or "No Logo".  If not specified, tempered glass will be marked permanently with a tempered logo.


Submitting Materials

Please submit quote requests or orders on company letterhead and ensure that drawings are marked with your contact information.  This ensures that should there be any additional questions we are able to contact you promptly.


Submitting Patterns

Please note that all patterns should be made of wood, cardboard or paper and be only one piece. If a pattern is sent in multiple pieces they must be attached to each other, by the customer, exactly where they need to be so that no piecing together is needed to be done by us. Also when a multiple piece pattern is received the tolerance on the glass is larger due to the fact that these patterns are harder to work with.

Submitted patterns should always have the following information on and accompanying pattern on a paper purchace order or quote request form:

  • Date
  • Company Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Quote/Order Name/Number (If Applicable)
  • Type and thickness of glass
  • Edgework desired
  • All other fabrication needed (Holes, Cut-outs etc.)
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