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Pyryoceram III / KeraliteEurokera

EuroKera fabricates its hearth products from specially formulated PYROCERAM® lll glass.

PYROCERAM® lll has a high heat resistance and a low coefficient of thermal expansion, enabling the glass to resist thermal shock from sudden temperature changes and chemical attack of combustion materials.

EuroKera glass-ceramic is UL component registered, a mark of quality indicating that EuroKera products have passed the stringent testing requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories.


Glass Technical Specs

PYROCERAM®lll Clear Glass-Ceramic

You can trust PYROCERAM®lll for the very best in high-temperature performance. Made from a special composition of clear glass-ceramic, PYROCERAM®lll withstands even the highest heat conditions (up to 1300°F, or 700°C), due to its low coefficient of expansion (0 ± 3.0 x 10-7K-1).
PYROCERAM®lll creates a tranquil, warm atmosphere in front of your fireplace or stove due to its excellent transmission of visible light and its light amber tint.


The physical and chemical properties of EuroKera glass-ceramic sheets are tested in our laboratories in accordance with relevant DIN, NF, ISO or EN specifications or additional proprietary specifications if necessary. Nevertheless, slight variations from the figures given in this section remain possible but will not affect the capacity of the product.
EuroKera glass-ceramic is UL Component registered, a mark of quality indicating that EuroKera products have passed the stringent testing requirements of the Underwriters Laboratories.

Dimensional Information Available In
Glass Thickness 3/16"
Maximum Size (sheet) 43"1/4 x 77"
Cut Sizes Custom as requested



PYROCERAM®lll glass-ceramic remains unchanged after being subjected to the following conditions:

Condition Maximum Temperature
Continuous Use 1,292°F (700°C)
Time limited peak use 1,472°F (800°C)
Property Value
Coefficient of expansion (20° to 700°C) 0 ± 3.0 x 10-7 K-1
Mean specific heat (20° to 100°C) 0.8 (J/g. K)
Resistance to thermal gradients ΔT max. = 700K
Thermal shock resistance ΔT max. = 700K


Property Value
Specific mass 2.55
Young's Elasticity modulus (E=) 94.3 (GPa)
Torsion modulus (G=) 37.8 (GPa)
Poisson ratio (µ) 0.25
Minimal bending strength >110 (MPa)
Knoop hardness (load 1 N) 705


Property Value
Refractive Index 1.55 (Approx.)
ABBE Number 55.4 (Approx.)
UV Transmission for 3mm thickness < 1% (Wavelength < 355 μm)
Photo elastic coefficient 3.11 (Brewster)


Electrical resistivity (where ρ is in (ohm • cm))
log10 ρ 6.8 at 482°F (250° C)
log10 ρ 5.4 at 662°F (350° C)
log10 ρ 2.7 at 1,292°F (700° C  (Estimated))
Dielectric constant
8.1 at 102 Hz
7.5 at 104 Hz
7.3 at 106 Hz
Dissipation factor
40 x 10-3 at 102 Hz
17 x 10-3 at 104 Hz
12 x 10-3 at 106 Hz



Property Class
Water resistance (ISO 719) Class 1
Acid resistance (DIN 12 116) Class 1
Alkali resistance (ISO 695) Class 1

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In-Stock Glass Styles & Textures

left direction
Clear Seedy
Pattern 62 or P516
Misco Diamond Wire
Master Ray
Glue Chip (Single Chip)
Glue Chip 1/4
German Antique
Florentine or Florex®
English Reeded
Cast HC
Berman Ima
Berman Esto
Berman Etre
Solexia™ (Green)
Berman Aqui
Superlite I-W
Grey Glass
Pyran® Platinum F
Acid Etched or Velour
Eurokera Keralite / Pyroceram
Low E
right direction


A variety of other styles and thicknesses are available.  The above glass sheets are kept in-stock to allow for shorter turn-around and production times.  Feel free to inquire about additional sheet thicknesses or sizes with one of our representatives :

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