Featured Glass Products

New Angle Beveling’s skilled team of manufacturers, modern technology, and state of the art machinery work together to produce high-quality glass. The results are beautiful pieces of commercial glass that look stunning in any design.

Heat-Treated Glass

Heat treating glass is done to improve its strength, as well as its resistance to cracking or shattering.

Beveled Glass

Beveled glass is made by taking large pieces of glass and creating an angled surface around the entire edge of the glass.

Commercial Mirrors

If you’re looking for a way to take the elegance and allure of any commercial design up a notch, opting for custom manufactured commercial mirrors is the way to go.

Tripled-Glazed Glass

Triple glazed glass is an insulated glass unit that offers even more strength and insulation that a traditional unit through an additional pane of glass included in the design.


Guide to Glass Edgework Terminology

As part of our strong focus to detail in custom products; we are able to add edgework to your glass work designs in a variety of styles. Find out all of the edgework styles and their applications that are available in one easy downloadable guide.

Glass Tempering 101

Download this guide and take a tour behind the scenes of tempered glass manufacturing.
Plus, learn about why tempered glass is the perfect solution for your next commercial glass project based on the applications it’s best for, and the shapes it can be made in.

Cleaning Instructions for Your ShowerGuard Glass

ShowerGuard glass is the only solution that provides permanent protection against corrosion. Follow this downloadable guide to learn how to clean the glass properly and keep it looking brilliant… permanently.


Browse frequently asked questions from others ordering custom glass. Additionally, get detailed information about how to order our products.

About New Angle Beveling

We manufacture and distribute glass products for commercial installations across the Northeast, including: PA, NY, DE, NJ, MD, & OH.

Our attention to detail on fabricated custom-shaped pieces has allowed us to supply glass to customers with demanding requirements that others are not able to provide in industries such as glass shops and home improvement contractors; commercial glazing contractors; furniture, window and equipment manufacturers; Division 8 construction materials, and many more.

Allow us to become one of your most trusted vendors and see how New Angle Beveling can increase your satisfaction in quality, accuracy, and lead time.

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