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Clear Glass

Covering a wide variety of commercial glass types and products, clear glass isn’t a material only meant for windows.

By definition, clear glass is exactly what you think: colorless, transparent glass that doesn’t have anything to impede viewing.

Through various manufacturing techniques, clear glass is made to serve many different purposes —  such as improving aesthetics or enhancing protection — while still delivering on the performance front. 


Clear Glass In Stock

Product NumberStock Sheet ThicknessStock Sheet Size
1000 (Single Strength)2.3mm (1/16″)36″ x 60″
1000 (Single Strength)2.3mm (1/16″)36″ x 84″
1000 (Single Strength)2.3mm (1/16″)48″ x 60″
1000 (Single Strength)2.3mm (1/16″)48″ x 84″
1000 (Single Strength)2.3mm (1/16″)72″ x 84″
1000 (Single Strength)2.3mm (1/16″)96″ x 130″
1001 (Double Strength)3.1 mm (1/8″)36″ x 60″
1001 (Double Strength)3.1 mm (1/8″)36″ x 84″
1001 (Double Strength)3.1 mm (1/8″)48″ x 60″
1001 (Double Strength)3.1 mm (1/8″)48″ x 84″
1001 (Double Strength)3.1 mm (1/8″)72″ x 84″
1001 (Double Strength)3.1 mm (1/8″)96″ x 130″
10035 mm (3/16″)72″ x 130″
10035 mm (3/16″)96″ x 130″
10035 mm (3/16″)102″ x 144″
10046 mm (1/4″)48″ x 100″
10046 mm (1/4″)48″ x 130″
10046 mm (1/4″)60″ x 130″
10046 mm (1/4″)72″ x 130″
10046 mm (1/4″)84″ x 130″
10046 mm (1/4″)96″ x 130″
10046 mm (1/4″)102″ x 144″
100510 mm (3/8″)72″ x 130″
100510 mm (3/8″)84″ x 130″
100510 mm (3/8″)96″ x 130″
100510 mm (3/8″)102″ x 144″
100612 mm (1/2″)84″ x 130″
100612 mm (1/2″)96″ x 130″
100612 mm (1/2″)102″ x 144″
100819 mm (3/4″)102″ x 130″


Our Featured Clear Glass Items

At New Angle Beveling, we stock and fabricate a wide variety of clear glass products from multiple suppliers for commercial and residential applications, including: 

Interior design of large spacious office with glass partitions

Low-Iron Glass For Clarity

In the world of clear glass, low-iron glass takes the cake when it comes to transparency

Manufactured with materials containing trace amounts of ferric oxide (iron), low-iron glass allows maximum clarity and light transmission. With 90% less iron than standard glass — which causes a greenish tint in thicker pieces — low-iron glass commercial glass sheets are colorless when viewed straight on. It’s edges also maintain a colorless appearance, though they do pick up colors of objects around them.

Low-iron glass is used to create acid etched glass pieces.

Shop Our Low-Iron Glass Products

Common Low-Iron Glass Applications

  • Custom shower enclosures 
  • Display cases
  • Glass walls
  • Merchandising windows 
  • Furniture
  • Entranceways
  • Cabinetry 

Coated Glass For Performance 

Coated glass represents a wide array of products designed to provide specific benefits. 

With a surface layer that’s bonded to the glass through a process called sputter coating, coated glass products are easily customized for their applications. Coated glasses can be manufactured for: 

  • Light reduction
  • UV ray protection
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Reflectivity 
  • Durability against the elements 
  • Enhanced strength 
  • Scratch resistance

Shop Our Coated Glass Products

ShowerGuard® by Guardian Glass

New Angle Beveling carries and fabricates ShowerGuard® Clear and ShowerGuard® UltraClear.

Pilkington Energy Advantage™

New Angle Beveling carries Pilkington Energy Advantage™ in the following thicknesses: 1/8, 3/16, & 1/4

Fire-Rated Glass For Protection

As one of the most destructive forces, fires spread quickly and can cause thousands of dollars in damages and loss. With fire-rated glass, commercial and residential spaces have an extra layer of protection against a blaze — one that’s always working. Manufacturing techniques allow fire-rated glass to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings. 

Through specialized glazing, fire-rated glasses are able to withstand intense temperatures for longer periods of time and inhibit smoke and flames from spreading. 

Fire-rated glass falls into two categories: fire-protective or fire-resistant glass.

Fire-protective glass blocks the spread of fire
and smoke.

Fire-protective glass applications: 

  • Windows
  • Sidelights 
  • Door windows
  • Cases
  • Fireplaces 

Fire-resistant glass also acts as a barrier to fire and smoke in addition to giving protection from a blaze’s heat. 

Fire-resistant glass applications:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Stairwell enclosures
  • Elevator cores
  • Exit access corridors

Shop Our Fire-Rated Glass Products

New Angle Beveling carries SaftiFirst fire-rated glass products. Compare our available inventory:

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Laminated Glass For Safety

A safety glass, laminated glass brings enhanced security to a space. 

Made by bonding at least two glass plies on either side of a clear interlayer (which is typically vinyl), laminated glass units are designed to withstand heavy blows.

Hit by a blunt impact, laminated glass absorbs shock without immediately shattering. Should the glass break, its middle layer holds the broken glass in place, reducing the risk of injury from jagged glass pieces. The middle layer also creates a barrier that’s difficult to break through, stopping unwanted intrusions or intruders from entering a space. 

Laminated glass is often required by building code in areas that experience weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, where flying debris may break glass.

Common Laminated Glass Applications

  • Entryway glass 
  • Ground-level glass facades 
  • Windows 
  • Railings
  • Customer service windows
  • Display cases
  • Doors
  • Glass partitions 
  • Balustrades
  • Shower enclosures
  • Glass floors

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