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Coated Glass Information

Coated Glass

Made using a variety of commercial glass types, such as low-iron or standard glass, coatings enhance a pane’s performance for its intended use.  

Coated glass is created by applying an ultra-thin layer to a sheet’s surface during manufacturing. Most commercial glass coatings are invisible to the naked eye, though some are intentionally colored to tint a glass sheet. 

Glass coatings are applied in two ways: 

  1. Soft coats are sprayed on a pre-cut glass sheet inside a vacuum chamber and left to harden through a process called sputter coating.  
  2. Hard coats are applied as a chemical vapor to a glass sheet that’s heated to a high temperature. As the glass cools, the vapor condenses and bonds to its surface. 

To ensure a piece of coated glass performs as intended, glass sheet fabrication occurs before a coating is applied. This preserves the coating’s integrity and prevents damage during additional processing.

Coated Glass Applications

Coated glass products are made to perform to their specific application. 

  • Light reduction
  • UV ray protection
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Reflectivity 
  • Durability against the elements 
  • Enhanced strength 
  • Better scratch resistance than off-line coated products
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