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Commercial Glass Resources 

The world of glass manufacturing and fabrication in a big place. It can be a lot to take in at once. Browse our library of free downloadable resources to learn more about our:

  • Services and capabilities
  • Inventory 
  • Product care and maintenance 

If you have any questions or want to discuss what New Angle Beveling can do for your project, feel free to reach out!

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Technical Specifications

New Angle Beveling carries a wide variety of commercial glass products to meet a host of applications. Download the technical specifications for each of our products.

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New Angle Beveling Service Guide

From cutting and shaping to tempering and v-grooving, New Angle Beveling boasts a wide variety of services to make your glass project a success. Explore our glass fabrication capabilities. 

Guide to Mirror Glass

Commercial mirror glass serves a wide variety of purposes, from improving security to enhancing design aesthetics. Download our Guide to Mirror Glass to explore our available mirror types and their applications.

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Guide to Commercial V-Grooving

Whether your original design or one of ours, v-grooving provides an eye-catching finishing touch to a glass sheet. Learn about our available patterns and cutting options in our Guide to Commercial Glass V-Grooving.

Understanding Glass Edgework Terminology

Glass edgework takes a glass sheet’s design to the next level. Become familiar with common edgework terms and styles with our guide to Understanding Glass Edgework Terminology.

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Muntins: Custom Window Grids

Windows don’t need to be plain. With muntins, they become distinct and have character. Learn more about available muntin styles at New Angle Beveling.

Shaped Glass

No two projects are the same. Sometimes getting glass to fit where it’s supposed to requires cutting it to shape. Download our quick overview of common glass shapes and our shaping capabilities. 

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What good is an open window if it lets pests in? Explore our various screen products and their sizes and prices.

SaftiFirst Fire-Protective Glass Comparison

SaftiFirst fire-protective glass products are available in a wide variety. Compare the various options to find the best SaftiFirst glass for your project.

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ShowerGuard® Maintenance

ShowerGuard® glass by Guardian Glass pairs extreme clarity with minimal maintenance. Here’s what you need to do to keep your ShowerGuard® glass always looking its best.

Dual-Seal Insulated Glass Limited Warranty

New Angle Beveling offers a 10-year warranty on its insulated glass units. Explore the terms and conditions of the guarantee.

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