Fire Protective Glass Products

New Angle Beveling is a distributor of various fire rated glass products serving Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio.

What is Fire Protective Glass?

Fire-protective, or fire-rated glass is just like it sounds, it’s glass that is fabricated to resist flames. Specifically, fire-rated glass is any type of glass that has been manufactured and tested to act as a barrier to spreading flames and smoke. This is known as compartmentation.

One of the benefits about fire-rated glass is that it’s as strong as it is flame-resistant, something that hasn’t been realized by traditional wired glass panels.

Not just any glass can be described as a fire-rated one. In order to achieve this status, the glass must go through a rigorous testing process, where it is heated inside a furnace at temperatures of up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Subsequent ratings are given to the glass based on how long it stays intact without breaking. Some fire-rated glass only  stays intact for 20 minutes, though higher quality glass can stay intact for up to 3 hours.

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New Angle Beveling is a proud distributor of Safti First fire rated glass products. Safti First has over 35 years of experience testing, innovating, and supplying advanced fire rated glass and framing systems. 

The following products are available for immediate fabrication and delivery:

Hearth Products

Eurokera Keralite / Pyroceram:

This glass is not suitable for construction and build applications such as use in doors, windows, stairwells, or as a door light, side light, or borrowed light. This product is utilized for hearth products including hard coal stoves.

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Commercial Building Products

SaftiFirst SuperLite I-W:

New Angle Beveling is a distributor of SaftiFirst fire protective glass. All features and specifications are as listed on SaftiFirst’s website and can be found here.

This product is a popular safety-rated and fire-rated wired glass solution. It is considered a low-cost replacement for traditional unsafe wired glass, and is acceptable for use in public spaces for both interior and exterior applications.

Additionally, this product is available in misco (diamond) and baroque (square) patterns and in a clear finish. Obscured finish can be ordered, but is not available for immediate fabrication.

Additional Products Available

Additional SaftiFirst glass products may be inquired about and prepared for client delivery. Lead times are dependent on the products chosen, and client manufacturing and sizing specifications. Contact us for details. 

These products include:

See a product you’re interested in on SaftiFirst’s website? Let us know, and we will see how we can help supply it for your application.

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Fire Rated Glass Cost

Though the initial investment in fire-rated glass is comparatively higher than standard glass, the money saved from being in violation of IBC codes, the loss of property, or, even worse, the loss of human life ensures it’s a tenfold return on investment. 

In general, the minimum cost of ceramic fire-protective glass is around $100 per square foot, though prices vary based on customer specifications. The minimum cost for wired fire-rated glass is around $50 per square foot minimum, with varying prices due to customer specifications.

Additionally, it is paramount to budget for the cost of fire-rated glass frames for applications where fire-rated glass is a necessity. These frames are metal, usually steel or aluminum clad steel, rather than traditional vinyl and aluminum frames — which are unsuitable for fire rated applications. Though these frames do come at a greater price point, there is no price tag that can be placed on safety. 

Fire Protective Glass Products

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