Here at New Angle Beveling we are manufacturers of tempered and beveled glass and mirrors. The glass that we manufacture can be used in heavy glass shower enclosures, glass stairways, interior partitions, French doors, furniture applications and can also be used in a variety of other interior, exterior, commercial, and residential applications.

Industries We Serve:

At New Angle Beveling our attention to detail on fabricated custom-shaped pieces has allowed us to supply glass to customers with demanding requirements that others are not able to provide. Our goal is to provide tempered heavy glass that is flat and as accurate as humanly possible for use in shower enclosures and fine furniture applications.

Our products are not limited to clear tempered glass. We also offer tinted glass, decorative obscure glass patterns, and Guardian Showerguard® all of which can be edged, v-grooved, beveled, and machined with our various fabricating machines.

Through our close associations with our vendors, such as AGC, Guardian Industries, Pilkington, Walker, and many others, we are constantly looking for new products and ways of enhancing our techniques so that we can become faster and even more precise.

Please allow us to become one of your most trusted vendors and see how New Angle Beveling can increase your satisfaction in quality, accuracy, and timelines.


In addition to the machines listed below, we have a skilled staff and variety of other technology to expand our capabilities and scope of work available for your glass project needs.

Our machines and technology, both listed and not listed, allow us to serve a variety of commercial and residential glass markets.

Intermac Master- the Intermac Master is a CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machine that enables us to add cut-outs to our glass products, such as shower door hinges or receptacle cuts. It also allows us to produce a wider variety of Custom Shapes to customer’s specifications.

Mappi Tempering Furnaces- these furnaces allow us to work with smaller pieces of glass to fit irregular specifications for projects with small dimensions. These furnaces are able to temper down to 7” by 6” with a maximum size of 86” by 144”. This is especially suitable for unique window and door projects.

Bimatech Techno Groove- the Bimatech Techno Groove is a CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) machine that allows us to add Plate Grooves (1/4″ wide) and V-Grooves (1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ wide) to the surface of our Glass Products. V-Grooves can be added in a variety of shapes and designs even designs sent in by our customers.

Zanetti Shape Bevelers and Plishers- the Bismatic allows us to add a high polished bevel to most curved edges on our shaped glass, such as Diameters or Arch Tops.

Bottero & Lisec Cutting Table- allows us to cut large sheets of glass into a variety of shapes and sizes quickly and easily.

Flo Waterjet- allows intricate glasswork to be done for a variety of interior applications including slab furniture and glass inserts.

Lisec Insulated Glass Lines-  this allows capabilities for argon gas filling and automatic sealing. It is supported by our array of other Lisec unites.

Lisec Insulated Unit Machine- Allows us to fabricate Thermal Insulated Units (I.G. Units) for window or door fixtures.

Bovone Flat Edger- Allows us to add a high polished Flat edge on the straight sides of our glass products.

Bovone Beveller- Allows us to add a high polished Bevel of sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 2″ to the straight sides of our glass products.

CMB Drill Press- Allows us to add holes up to but not including 3″ in diameter to our glass products by drilling from both the top and the bottom of the glass to avoid having major blowouts and chips on the hole.

(Holes 3″ and over must be done on our Intermac Master CNC Machine)

Other Machines Include:

  • Forvet CNC Machines
  • Mitre Machines
  • Movetro Glass Handling Systems