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Markets Served

For more than 50 years, New Angle Beveling has worked with countless customers to create and develop commercial glass products that meet their needs. With our experience and expertise coupled with an array of machinery and fabrication techniques, we’re able to serve clients across a variety of industries.

New Angle Beveling Markets Served

Glass Shops:

With a wide variety of products, New Angle Beveling provides you — and your customers — with high-quality pieces that meet your project’s needs. Using our state-of-the-art machinery and technology, we create custom commercial glass pieces that do exactly what they’re supposed to.

General Contractors:

Every project is different. New Angle Beveling has worked with general contractors on projects of all sizes and scopes. Our available glass product selection and fabrication techniques allow us to help you complete your project with as little headache as possible — and get it right the first time.

Window Manufacturers:

The right glass makes all the difference for your windows. Whether your project requires the functionality of insulated glass units, the protection of tempered glass, or the aesthetic boost of patterned glass, our team will work with you to ensure your finished products are matched with the correct glass for the intended use. 

Door Manufacturers:

Commercial doors serve plenty of purposes — from improving security and safety without compromising visibility to complementing design. New Angle Beveling carries glass products that enhance a door’s performance and functionality.


Starting at the entrance and continuing throughout guest rooms and conference centers, commercial glass products are easily integrable into any hotel’s design scheme. At New Angle Beveling, we stock a host of commercial glass products that add distinction and definition to a space.

Restaurants & Bars:

Your restaurant or bar is one of a kind. Its commercial glass should reflect that. New Angle Beveling has the glass and mirror products available to make the vision for your establishment a reality.

Cabinetry Manufacturers:

As a functional part of any space, cabinetry doesn’t go unnoticed. Shouldn’t its glass help stand out or improve usability? With plenty of unique glass options from major brands, such as General Glass and Guardian Glass, we’re here to help you create cabinetry that’s truly eye catching.

Display Manufacturers:

Display cases are meant to be seen. Their glass shouldn’t impede viewing. Whether it’s to showcase commercial goods or to protect precious items, glass plays an integral role in display cases. New Angle Beveling has the commercial glass options to help you get the most from your display cases.


A versatile material, commercial glass is adaptable to almost every project. With additional fabrication, glass pieces can truly stand out or become more functional. In addition to our available stock of commercial glass products, New Angle Beveling offers a variety of glass fabrication services, including: 

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Regions Served 

New Angle Beveling manufactures and distributes glass products for commercial installations across the Northeast, including:  Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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