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Please complete all required sections of this form to ensure we do your commercial glazing quote or order request to your specifications. Good communication with your commercial glass company is key to an accurate quote. Please provide as much information as possible.

New Angle Beveling in Hyde, PA produces and sells high-quality glass products for commercial and residential glass installers and manufacturers. Our service area includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

We have been in the commercial glass services industry for over 50 years. As a result, we have the necessary skills and expertise to meet your custom and commercial glass needs. Our skilled team and advanced machinery allow us to handle any commercial glazing project, including those with intricate details or specific requirements.

As we exclusively operate within the commercial glass sector, we do not entertain inquiries from non-commercial entities such as homeowners.

If you are outside our usual service area, please contact us before sending your request. Shipping might be possible through a standard carrier outside our regular delivery zone.

Prior to starting a project with a glass manufacturer, it’s advisable to provide several key details in advance. Giving enough information at the beginning helps you finish your task easily, with few cost changes and no delays. Learn more about partnering with a commercial glass company.

Make sure to include specific tolerances, which are the wiggle room a glass piece has so that it can still fit and work properly. Discover more about glass tolerances.

We can’t wait to help you transform your project’s concept into reality.