How Do Insulated Glass Units Work?

Insulated glass is the perfect window solution for both residential and commercial projects. The insulated glass unit, or IGU, is designed with two panes of glass separated by a spacer.

For those who are interested in a higher degree of efficiency — triple paned units are available as well.

There is a primary seal located on the side of the aluminum spacer that goes against the glass, aiding in the insulated property of the unit. The air inside can then be filled with a noble gas if needed.


Choosing Your Insulated Glass Unit:

At New Angle Beveling, we guarantee a dual seal unit that will last 10 years*.

In a normal IGU, the spacer will be an aluminum anodized spacer. This spacer can be finished bronze to blend into wood tones for door and window manufacturers who require a more subtle design. Other colors and finishes may be available upon request.

Additionally, muntins can be placed inside the unit to give a divided light or colonial look, without sacrificing the high insulation quality of the units. Custom sizes, shapes, and colors are available upon request.

*Provided it is put in the appropriate frame, installed by an experienced professional, and the climate is conducive for a 10 year life.