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Laminated Glass

Providing a clear and almost impenetrable barrier from the unexpected, laminated glass combines function and dependability. As one of the most durable commercial glass types available, laminated glass represents an investment in more than just glass — it’s extra security, enhanced protection, long-lasting performance, and peace of mind. 

What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass isn’t actually a single piece of glass.  

Similar to plywood — which comprises multiple layers — laminated glass is made by bonding two glass sheets to a clear interlayer. In most cases, the middle layer is vinyl. During manufacturing, laminated glass pieces are heat treated to bolster strength and permanently fuse the layers together. 

Designed for Safety & Security

As one of the most durable glasses on the market, laminated glass pieces are ideal for spaces where enhanced security or protection from broken glass is paramount. 

What sets this material apart from other safety glasses is its impact resistance performance. 

When struck with significant force, laminated safety glass is able to better absorb shock because of its middle layer. Should it break, glass doesn’t shatter and fall out of place. Rather, the majority of broken pieces stay intact within the unit. Injury from jagged glass shards is all but eliminated.

Faced with accidental impacts or even deliberate acts of vandalism or forced entry, laminated glass slows or outright stops unwanted intrusions — its layers are tough to create an opening through. In communities where intense weather events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, are a regular occurrence, laminated glass is often a required building material to limit broken glass caused by flying debris.

Cracked glass background

Laminated Glass Applications

Laminated glass sheets are optimal for: 

  • Entryway glass 
  • Ground-level glass facades 
  • Windows 
  • Railings
  • Customer service windows
  • Display cases
  • Doors
  • Glass partitions 
  • Balustrades
  • Shower enclosures
  • Glass floors
glass pane and sky

Customizable for Your Project 

As every application is unique, laminated glass pieces are easily enhanced or fabricated to meet the specifics of intended use. 


Glass type: Most commercial glass types — even colored glasses — are good candidates for laminated glass pieces. When strength matters most, laminated glass units manufactured with tempered glass offer another layer of protection. Another safety glass, tempered glass is up to 5x stronger than traditional glass and breaks into pebble-like fragments instead of sharp pieces. 

Interlayer: There are several options for the middle layer of laminated glass. The most common type is polyvinyl butyrate (PVB). Other interlayer choices include ionomer, ethylene-vinyl acetate, and polyurethane.

In addition to holding broken glass in place, laminated glass interlayers fill other purposes, including:

  • UV ray protection
  • Bullet resistance 
  • Sound dampening 
  • Energy efficiency 


To create finished pieces that look as you envision and fit exactly where they’re supposed to, laminated glass can be fabricated with: 

*When using tempered glass for a laminated glass piece, additional fabrication must occur before the glass is heat treated

Laminated Glass in Stock

Product NumberDescriptionStock Sheet ThicknessStock Sheet SizeTemperable
3001Clear (.015 PVB)4.4mm (5/32″)48″ x 84″Yes
3003Clear (.015 PVB)5mm (3/16″)36″ x 84″Yes
3004Clear (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)36″ x 84″Yes
3004Clear (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)42″ x 84″Yes
3004Clear (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)48″ x 84″Yes
3004Clear (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)48″ x 96″Yes
3004Clear (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)60″ x 96″Yes
3004Clear (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)72″ x 120″Yes
3004Clear (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)80″ x 120″Yes
3014Solex (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)36″ x 84″Yes
3014Solex (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)48″ x 84″Yes
3014Solex (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)48″ x 96″Yes
3001Bronze (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)48″ x 84″Yes
3001Grey (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)48″ x 84″Yes
3001White (.030 PVB)6mm (1/4″)60″ x 96″Yes


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