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Low Iron Glass

When extreme clarity matters most, low iron glass delivers. Made to seamlessly blend in, it stays out of the way of a space’s design aesthetics while still providing a degree of separation. 

What is Low Iron Glass?

As its name indicates, low iron glass is manufactured with ingredients containing a low amount of iron. Compared to traditional clear glass, it has approximately 90% less iron.

The major distinguishing trait of this glass is that it maintains its absolute clear tint no matter how thick a piece is. Traditional clear glass tends to display a green/blue hue in thicker pieces. What’s more, even very thick pieces of low iron glass maintain superior clarity and allow more light to seamlessly pass through, allowing for no visual obstructions.

Low iron glass is often used for:

Display cases - low iron glass

Display Cases

Glass walls - low iron glass

Glass Walls

Merchandising windows - low iron glass

Merchandising Windows

Doors - low iron glass


Entranceways - low iron glass


Shower enclosure - low iron glass

Shower Enclosures

Aquariums - low iron glass


Shop Our Low Iron Glass Products:

New Angle Beveling is a proud distributor of several brands of low iron glass. The following products are available: 

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